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Former Highlands Church Transformed into Luxury Apartments

When Your Home is Your Sanctuary

By BEA METTS, Agent/Co-Owner

A former Highlands church receives new beginnings as a multi-family apartment unit.

A former Highlands church receives new beginnings as a multi-family apartment unit.

Luxury apartments from upcycled spaces – you’ve seen it done with abandoned warehouses and industrial buildings. Now a historic church in the Highlands is joining the fun! The Sanctuary on Bardstown is a new, nine-unit apartment complex that used to be Calvary Lutheran Church.

The developers kept some of the unique details of the church, such as the beautiful stained-glass windows now artfully restored, but they converted the three stories into nine apartments and a potential restaurant for the high-end renter who loves a little history.

The Sanctuary on Bardstown has three studios, four one-bedroom units, and a couple two-bedroom apartments. Each unit has hard-wood floors.

[Source: Louisville Business Journal]


Proposal Seeks to Improve Highlands Business District

Councilman Brandon Coan wants help along the Bardstown Road/Baxter Avenue corridor.

By BEA METTS, Agent/Co-Owner

One Louisville Councilmember wants to invest in continuing the good things that are happening in the Highlands.

One Louisville Councilmember wants to invest in continuing the good things that are happening in the Highlands.

As the Highlands continues to be a valuable commercial and residential area in Louisville, Councilman Brandon Coan has introduced a proposal to create a force of people dedicated to the Highlands businesses district.

The team would work with local law enforcement and parking authorities to focus on the area’s beauty and cleanliness. Coan recognizes the vitality of the area and wants Louisville to be proactive in helping it thrive even more.

Coan is hosting several public discussions to get things started. The meetings will be:

  • Monday, March 26 at 1:00 p.m. at HopCat
  • Thursday, March 29 at 6:00 p.m.at the Highlands-Shelby Park Library
  • Monday, April 2 at 6:00 p.m. at the Douglass Community Center Gym

[Source: WAVE3 News]


St. Patrick’s ParadeThe Highlands · Sat, Mar 10, 2018 @ 03:00 PM

The 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Highlands will take place on Saturday, March 10 starting at 3PM.  Don your best green attire and join us for what’s often called the ‘people’s’ parade, as families join a mix of decorated vehicles and groups along the route.

St Patrick's Day Parade in Louisville

The parade will kick off at 3 PM, starting at Phoenix Hill and ending at Mid-City Mall.   Come early so you can grab a good spot along the parade route.  There will be a lot of fun floats and groups in the parade this year, surely to entertain the wee lads and lassies.  Beads, candy and other trinkets will be handed out by the groups as they pass along the route.


After the parade, there will be an award presentation for best groups, held at O’Shea’s Irish Pub on Baxter Avenue. 

Courtesy of 93.1 Iheart The Beat


Louisville's Highlands Area to Welcome New Ramen Restaurant

“Ramen Inochi” Will Open in Mid-March

By BEA METTS, Agent/Co-Owner

Ramen noodle bowl

The owners of the new ramen shop want to make one thing really well – ramen!

There’s no doubt that Louisville is a thriving foodie city, but the addition of a specialized ramen shop on 2009 Highland Ave. will certainly bring a new experience. The Highlands is a perfect area for “Ramen Inochi,” a restaurant seeking to do one thing very well – ramen.

Large cities are full of these kinds of shops, but this is a relatively new idea for the Louisville diners. And it’s ideal for those living in the Highlands. Because like so many other amenities in the area, it’s a convenient way to gain a whole new and delicious cultural experience. This is not your college-self’s ramen in a $0.25 packet – it’s an authentic, flavorful mastery of culinary senses!

Ramen Inochi will be open for dinner every night, with extra-late night dining on the weekends. They’ll serve mostly the traditional recipes with a few twists and fusions.

[Source: Insider Louisville]


Ideas for Decorating Your Highlands Shotgun House

Tips and Tricks for Designing the Interior of a Narrow, Open Home

By BEA METTS, Agent/Co-Owner

Offset the narrow space with plenty of light.

So you grabbed up a fabulous shotgun house in the trendy Highlands area? Congratulations! Now, how do you decorate such a specific space? Here are a few fun tips that have worked for other shotgun house owners!

  1. Less is More – For the narrow spaces of a shotgun house, big fixtures and furniture will overwhelm the space. Opt for a smaller sink, sofa, and bed than you might choose for a different style home.
  2. Pick a Point – In each room of your home, pick a focal point and design around it. Some things you might consider include: fireplaces, headboards, tables, or light fixtures.
  3. Multitask – Use the furniture in your rooms to create multi-functional spaces and common areas. For example, you can use a well-placed desk in a living room to help it double as an office, or add a high island in the kitchen for some additional seating.
  4. Use Asymmetrical Layouts – To bring balance to your long, narrow spaces, combine several smaller furniture pieces to complement each larger piece.
  5. Bring in the Light – To finish your design, think light! Use white or lightly colored paint on the walls, embrace the natural view from the windows, and add mirrors and other reflective piece to reflect the natural light.


[Source: Hunker]


Highlands' Heine Brothers' Coffee is Moving

It’s Moving Out of Carmichael’s Bookstore, but Just Across the Street

By BEA METTS, Agent/Co-Owner

You can still get your Highlands cup o' joe from Heine Brothers.You can still get your Highlands cup o' joe from Heine Brothers.

The Heine Brothers in Carmichael’s Bookstore has heard its customers’ requests!

Highlands customers have been asking for more seating and parking for a long time, and an upcoming move should provide both. Sometime this spring, the Louisville coffee staple will move its Highlands location from 1295 Bardstown Rd. to the former Dunkin’ Donuts location, in front of Midtown Mall.

The new location will be more than double the original size, and include a drive-thru. The location will also add an additional six baristas.

And they’ll still be near the bookstore! The new location will be 1250 Bardstown Rd.


[Source: Courier Journal]


Highlands Welcoming a Vegan Restaurant in a Familiar Location

The former Monkey Wrench building will soon be a brewery and Vgrits Food Co.

By BEA METTS, Agent/Co-Owner


The former Monkey Wrench building will be the new home to a combined brewery and vegan restaurant. Credit: Kevin Gibson

Vgrits Food Co. has been a Louisville food truck staple for years, and this spring, the owners’ dream of opening a location will become a reality in the Highlands.

The new specialty restaurant hopes to open in April at an old Highlands favorite location, the former building of the Monkey Wrench restaurant. The building is being renovated to house Vgrits and a new brewery, which will be called False Idol Independent Brewery. The menu will be familiar to those loyal to the food truck – a combination of organic healthy meals like salads and fruit dishes with their staple vegan junk foods.

The audience for this restaurant will be narrow, but that’s what makes the Highlands a perfect location. The new vegan eatery and brewery will be located at 1025 Barret Ave.

[Source: Insider Louisville]


Sunergos Opens, Feels Welcome in Highlands Area

Neighborhood coffee shop snuggles in to Deer Park

By BEA METTS, Agent/Co-Owner

When Sunergos Coffee Ltd. was ready to open its fourth Louisville location, the Deer Park area was a natural fit. The store owners wanted a neighborhood location surrounded with history. They renovated a building that used to be a dent-removal company, adding windows, redoing electrical and plumbing work, changing the walls and floors and bringing the bathroom up to code.

Sunergos’ new shop is at 1647 Norris Place.

Deer Park has welcomed the new shop with warmth and friendliness. There were even people waiting outside the first time the shop was open for business. But that’s what you’d expect In an area known for local businesses, warm receptions, and really good coffee.

 Photo Credit: Bridgett Weaver

[Source: Louisville Business First]


Google Fiber in the Highlands

Find your new and well-connected home in our neighborhood

by BEA METTS, Agent and Co-owner

The Louisville Metro was one of a few lucky cities to win a bid for Google Fiber to be installed. The Highlands neighborhood was targeted as a good starting place.

If you would like to become one of the best-connected residents in Louisville, consider talking to your Red Edge Highlands agent. We would be happy to find a place for you in this techie side of town. It is the perfect place if you are a small business owner looking for a commercial or dual-purpose property!

Source: The Courier-Journal


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

In the Highlands

by BEA METTS, Agent and Co-owner

Christmas time is here, and with it comes a lack of time, a lack of money and added stress. However, you can combat this by de-stressing with fun events around town.

Many houses of worship around the Metro are having events, but there are also events with a slightly less religious flavor. Many of these events take place right in the Highlands or in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the area. Staying close to home and having fun should reduce your stress and lead to an increase in your Christmas spirit – less bah-humbug and more holly jolly in your life.

Review all of the events taking place in and around the Highlands this holiday season.

If you would like to be a part of the Highlands neighborhood, make your list, check it twice and then call Red Edge Highlands!

Source: Louisville Family Fun


Preserving History

Is victory in the Highlands

By BEA METTS, Co-owner/Agent

Gas station opening blocked in Highlands

The original Highlands neighborhood is steeped in history and the residents of the area would like to keep it that way.

When Thornton’s purchased property in the original Highlands at 1240 E. Broadway, it planned to tear down a historic home to make room for a large gas station and convenience store.

Residents didn’t want the historic home demolished because of the precedent that might set. Also, it could impact the future of their home territory. Residents hired legal representation and sought protection for the historic home in the form of making it a landmark. This request was recently approved, and Thornton’s has since placed the original plot of land they purchased for sale.

Residents hope to see development of the site without detrimental effects on the neighborhood. The intersection of Broadway and Baxter, which is the former location of Bader’s Food Mart, is one of the highest traffic areas of the Highlands. This fact alone makes it likely that residents will get their wish. As traffic increases and the popularity of the neighborhood continues to grow, properties do not remain vacant for long. If you are interested in this commercial property or in a residential property in the original Highlands that promises almost instant equity, call a Red Edge Highlands agent today!

Source: The Courier-Journal


You’ve Heard of Keeping Louisville Weird

But how about keeping Louisville walkable?

By BEA METTS, Co-owner/Agent

stop sign

Known as one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the Louisville Metro, the Highlands has seen a rise in accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

City officials are investigating potential solutions. Planners say that some of these problems can be mitigated with options like synchronizing traffic signals, restricting or narrowing existing lanes, extension of curbs, restricting turning movements of vehicles, lowering speed limits, modifying crosswalks and improved signage.

With more than 20 intersections on the Bardstown Road corridor, it is important to consider practical and statistical data to improve walkability in the area. However, public input is also requested. If you currently live in the Highlands or are looking to move to the area, consider contacting your representative with any input. Contact your Red Edge Highlands agent to look at homes in the Highlands area!

Source: The Courier-Journal


Get Out Your Dancin’ Shoes

Or Maybe Just Your Bike

by Bea Metts, Co-owner/Agent


Depending on your point of view, CycLOUvia is either going to be a wonderful initiative to get Louisvillians moving and thinking about alternate forms of transportation in the city, or it’s going to be a headache because of all the street closings and detours.

Whatever your perspective, it is coming. On October 22, CycLOUvia will make it’s way through the Highlands. Bardstown Road/Baxter Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic between Douglass Boulevard and Broadway from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Police will be stationed at major intersections like Grinstead Road and Eastern Parkway to monitor crossing traffic, so some of your routes may be open. Continuing on the bright side, there are many businesses that will be open and offering great sales in honor of the event.

CycLOUvia is named in honor of former city official, Tom Owen. Owen was a long-time member of the Louisville Metro Council and a biking advocate. This year’s event will be the 12th since 2012 and the sixth that has had Bardstown Road as its central location.

As part of the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Initiative, this event draws thousands of people.. Mayor Fischer said in a release that the events involve not only closing the streets to cars but "opening them for fellowship and fun."

Source: The Courier-Journal


Another New Day

Another New Diner

by Bea Metts, Co-owner/Agent


For the third time in two years, D. Nalley’s Diner at 970 S. Third St. is gaining new life. This time the diner will have a Highlands connection.

The new owner, Gibin George, was a one-time partner in the Twig & Leaf restaurant on Bardstown Road. Gibin is set to open the new diner by mid-October, if all goes to plan. One of George’s plans is to update the exterior of the building by going from white and black to red and black to, “…add a little flair.” The exterior update isn’t where the added flair ends. George also plans to splash some ethnic cuisine in with the traditional American diner fare. Specials will change from day to day but could be Italian one day and Spanish the next.

The Nalley family still owns the building and parking lot but George wants to make the place his own. He plans to employ seven or eight people. Hours will range from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday with the diner closing at 2 p.m. on Saturdays. It will not be open on Sunday.

George does not anticipate the same struggle as the previous operator because of his experience in the restaurant industry. If you are looking for some authentic American cuisine with flare, check out D. Nalley’s Diner in mid-October.

Source: The Courier-Journal


The Highlands is About to Get Some Fiber

Google Fiber

by BEA METTS, Agent and Co-owner

google fiber

Construction on Google Fiber in the Louisville Metro began in June but the Highlands was just wired in August when technicians landed in the neighborhood.

Hutchins Telecom dug a micro-trench about 2 inches deep and a ½ inch wide beginning August 30. This trench stars around Tyler Lane and Whiteway Avenue in the Gardiner Lane neighborhood. Prior to hitting the Highlands, similar trenches went down in the Portland neighborhood and a small portion of the Newburg area. While Google Fiber has refused to comment on which neighborhoods will be wired next or the rate of progress toward completion, it is clear Google is here to stay.

Making that abundantly clear was the recent ruling against AT&T. A judge ruled that AT&T’s lawsuit against Google regarding utility poles should be dropped cementing Google as a future internet service provider in the area. This is good news for the Highlands because business owners and homeowners will soon have more choice in how they get connected. In addition, Fiber is purported to offer a significant speed increase from the services that are currently available.

Source: The Courier-Journal


Paint the Town

Just Not Literally

by BEA METTS, Agent and Co-owner

On the night of August 12, the historic monument of John Breckenridge Castleman was vandalized with someone painting the words “Never Again” on the side of his horse.

Castleman was a Confederate officer in the Civil War which is the most likely cause of this vandalism due to the recent events in Charlottesville, Va.  Authorities have yet to catch those who committed the vandalism on the statue. However, they are searching for the vandals as the statue is circa 1913 and is made from bronze which makes it of some value. In addition to this, the cleanup was an obstacle for city workers who were unsure how to proceed because of the material in question. Since then the job has been billed at $8,200.

Residents of the Highlands expressed disappointment at the vandalism, but some empathized with the vandals as well because of the connection between Confederates and the recent wave of white supremacists. Mayor Fischer has called for a review of all city art for links to slavery calling for residents to consider all viewpoints of history. If you have any information on the vandalism you should contact authorities. Alternatively, if you have an opinion on the statue you should contact city representatives to request information on how best to express your views. The Highlands neighborhood is an historic neighborhood but it is known for being quirky, fun and inviting. Let’s keep it that way!

Source: The Courier-Journal


A Night With the Living Dead

Louisville’s Zombie Walk

by BEA METTS Agent/Co-Owner

zombie walk

On Aug. 26, 2017 at 8:29 p.m., the undead will descend on Louisville with a plague of over 42,000. The Louisville Zombie Walk is a free event located on Bardstown Road.

While the walk itself begins at 8:29, showing up early will give you time to explore the area — taking in the live music, food, participants in costume and the all-new zombie market. If you are considering becoming undead yourself, there will be a costume contest in front of Hopcat beginning at 6:30 p.m. Categories for the contest include: scariest zombie, funniest zombie, hottest zombie, best child zombie and best zombie couple. The contest does not have an entry fee. Winners will be announced on Stage 2 in the Party Zone at 11 p.m.

If being a member of the legion of walking dead is not quite your thing, feel free to explore the area bars, restaurants and shops that will be participating in the festivities. Take a moment to swing by the costume contest, and cast your vote in each category. While you’re at it, be sure to get your LZW cup for specials at local bars. For participating locations you can visit: http://louisvillezombiewalk.com/vendors/#.WX612ojyu00.

Have a lively night with the undead!


Picnic for a Purpose

St. Joseph Children’s Home Does Summer

by BEA METTS Agent/Co-owner

St Joseph's picnicFor 167 years St. Joseph Children’s Home has hosted the annual picnic that benefits the children they serve. The largest picnic in Kentucky averages attendance at 60,000 for Saturday alone!

If you are looking for something to do on August 11 or 12, you can mark the 168th annual picnic on your calendar. Volunteers gather to host games, serve food and drinks, direct parking and man the various booths throughout the weekend. The picnic is Friday from 5-11 p.m. and Saturday from noon until midnight. Friday night there will be live music from 6 p.m. until closing. The opening band is Danny Flannigan and The Rain Chorus followed by Rumours: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

St. Joseph Children’s Home is located at 2823 Frankfort Ave., and the picnic will be on the front lawn. You will find some parking on Brownsboro Road and additional parking will be located at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a shuttle service available. The primary sponsor this year is Kosair Children’s Charities with various other corporate sponsors located throughout the metro area. For more information on booths and activities, please visit http://sjkids.org/picnic/.


The Highlands have the Munchies

Or so The Cereal Box hopes…

by BEA METTS, Co-owner and Agent


Everyone knows that you can find unique eats in the Highlands but The Cereal Box is taking that to a new level.

When you were a kid you may have fantasized about mixing your Cookie Crisps with your Fruit Loops. Well, now that fantasy can be a reality. The Cereal Box is opening at 612 Baxter Avenue in the near future. Permits are in their final stages, and this project has been in the works for about four years. Owner, Eric Richardson, lives in the Highlands and is excited to see his project come to life. He believes the Highlands to be the perfect location for his cereal café because of its reputation for quirky restaurants and shops.

Upon opening, there will be 22 cereals from which to choose. You will also be able to choose from different milks and the cereals can be mixed. In addition, there are toppings such as caramel, fruit and whipped cream. Aside from bowls of cereal with toppings, you can get a cereal milkshake, a cereal treat, cereal treat ice cream sandwiches and bowls that are made from cereal. While enjoying your treat, watch traditional Saturday morning cartoons.

Richardson's hope is that the venue will be something that crosses generations so families can enjoy the café together.

Source: Insider Louisville


Highlands Constructing Louvelo Station

Bicycle stations similar to Red Box, but with no fee

by BEA METTS Managing Partner/Agent

Last month Louisville’s new bike sharing program, Louvelo, was announced as a supplement to current public transportation in the city. Louvelo is part of the Move Louisville transportation plan. Move Louisville is intended to increase accommodations for pedestrians, cyclists and public transit riders.


Louvelo offers several “stations” in and around downtown where people can find bikes, ride them to their desired location and then drop them off at the same station or a different one. The service is intended to work like free Red Box for bikes and will hopefully ease traffic and contribute to a greener city. To begin the program, more than 300 bicycles have been purchased and placed in downtown, Old Louisville and NuLu. There is no charge to use a bike and you can use the Transit app to find the current stations. Fifteen more stations are currently being built with one located in the Highlands.

Give your wallet a break, enjoy the summer weather and avoid traffic by taking advantage of this program. The bikes are especially helpful if you don’t want to lose your parking spot and have a short distance to go. This program just adds another layer to the Highlands; making it possible for almost anyone to lead a life independent of a motorized vehicle in one of Louisville’s most walkable neighborhoods.

Source: The Courier-Journal